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This is a really simple maze using LEGO Microgame and I put a lot of the behaviours I liked the most (LIKE BOMBS). I've discovered it yesterday on Twitter, and want to participate on the LEGO Ideas / LEGO Microgame contest. So this is what a I could make in one day. 

I like the LEGO Microgame a lot, it's very intuitive and easy to start a game. But after some problems to build and publish, i complete this challenge. And the only bad part i've found, is that this new system is vary heavy for my computer. 

See on LEGO IDEAS -> https://ideas.lego.com/challenges/6811cf30-f944-4dfa-8714-9b38be6fbb52/applicati...

Play in Unity -> https://play.unity.com/mg/lego/49-tfy7xt


<- Play in Unity

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